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  1. Bill Hobbs says:


    Great to see that you are doing well. Please get in touch with me as we have a lot to discuss.

    A very old friend

  2. Ken C. says:

    Greetings Michael,
    I read elsewhere on the blog that you sometimes use a snub with a Barami Hip Grip at the belt buckle / appendix position. A couple of questions: Do you get a “push up” effect with this set up when you sit down? What is your general opinion of appendix carry and are there any comfortable recomendations that you have? I experiment with it from time to time but haven’t found a consistent solution. I use the galco summer comfort. Have used some clip IWB holsters but they are just not secure. Overall, what is your preferred method of carry, both of the primary gun and your back-up? Thanks alot and happy New Year, KC

  3. Dear KC:

    Thank you for the note.

    Regarding your questions:

    I do not have trouble with the muzzle pushing up the weapon when I sit but for other shooters it is not an uncommon situation. If you are looking for a clip-on style carry option but worries either about the Barami (It does sit deeper than most “clip” holster options) or if you just don’t care for the Barami them I would suggest you check out one of the Clipdraw set-ups from Skyline Technologies. I wrote about their three styles on the blog but you can also check out their web page here:

    Of the three, I like the Universal Clipdraw style best of all. I shortened the mounting plate so it did not cover the yoke screw and I had two additional holes drilled and tapped into the mounting plate for greater range of carry depth – something I wish Skyline would do (hint)

    If you would rather avoid customizing the Universal Clipdraw, then check out the “Original” Clipdraw for the J-frame. It is a great (simpler) option.

    As for a third option, I am experimenting for a soft suede carry holster where I replaced the traditional spring steel clip with an odd-ball off-set kydex D-hook. The prototype is ultra comfortable to carry but very slow on the re-holstering. I won’t be able to hunt up a manufacture for this item until I finish up with a very nice speedloader holder project I am currently in the middle of. Consider trying out one of the Clipdraws in the interim, then give me a call in the late Spring. Maybe I can get you one of the suede prototypes to test out for me.

    I hope this information helps.

    Thank you again got the questions.


    Michael de Bethencourt

  4. Michael H. says:

    Michael, Thanks for all the great material. You’ve got me using the “strong hand” reload now and am forever grateful. You mentioned that you are working on a speedloader holder …will this encompass the “Dade” speedloaders, of which I am fondest. Also, could you expound on the “one-hand or injured hand re-load” for us. From a former New Englander (R.I.) who now resides in the Great Smokies!!! Mike H.

  5. Dear Mike H:

    Thank you for the kind words.

    Regarding you question on the speedloader holder, it is designed to accept any DADE, HKS, Safariland Comp I and II or SL Variant speedloader as long as they are designed to fit a J-, D- or K-frame sized revolver.

    I hope to get some info on the working prototypes up on the blog soon.

    I will also ask Bobby our video fellow to meet with me and get the one-hand reload up on the web a.s.a.p.

    Thank you again for the very kind words.


    Michael de Bethencourt

  6. wganz says:

    Glad to find that you’re making Colt Cobra hammer shrouds. Was scared that the dremel was going to have to bob it.

  7. James says:

    Inquiring if you still sell hammer shroud grips for j-frame chief’s special. Thanks.

  8. Michael Himsey says:

    We wish you and your family a Happy New Year from the great smoky mtns of NC!!! Semper-fi. Mike H.

  9. Keith pollock says:

    I’m looking for a shroud for a 1971 colt cobra. Blue or black do you sell them?

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