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September 28, 2009

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Snub Training – Filling the loading strip (Re-edited)

September 9, 2009

There are a few terms you may need to know. Speed Strips and the QuickStrips are both loading strips. We fill the loading strip. We reload the revolver. We fill the loading strip. The rounds are held in the loading strip’s holding holes. There is a flange tab on one end of the loading strip. Remember to practice with dummy rounds until you feel comfortable with the techniques.  Always train in a safe area and always keep your muzzle in a safe direction.

The first loading strip skill to know is how to fill them. Start with an empty loading strip. Position the loading strips diagonally across your left hand’s index finger.  Position the pad of your left index finger directly underneath the first loading hole. Keep the Loading strips in place by pinching one end of the Loading strips between the thumb and middle finger of your left hand.

Hold the cartridge to be loaded in the fingers of your right hand. While canting the base of the cartridge insert the edge of the rim into the holding hole.

Once the edge of the rim is in the holding hole, lever the remaining portion of the rim into the holding hole.  Move to the next holding hole and repeat until you have filled the Loading strips.

Snub Training – Question to Blog Readers – 01

August 2, 2009

Dear Fellow Snub Shooters:

I hope this note finds you well.

I am about one third through the snub information I planned to put up on the blog before forwarding the material for formal publishing.

Before starting on the second third of this material I would like to ask for your assistance.

I would like to start collecting a few bits of information regarding serious snub shooters and their snub equipment choices.

Each Sunday I will post an inquiry your willingness permitting, I will then collect the information for use it in future blog posting topics.

Your assistance in this effort would be greatly appreciated.

This weeks question is:

What make and model of snub revolver do you most often carry?

You can either respond via the blog or more directly via my e-mail at SnubTraining@hotmail.com – Attention Blog Question 01

Thank you for your kind assistance.


Michael de Bethencourt

Michael de Bethencourt

Michael de Bethencourt

Snub Training – Father’s Day and range time

June 18, 2009

Dear Fellow Snub Shooters:

I hope this note finds you well.

I will be away on a range training event until Monday, June 22.

I will be back on the keyboard on the 22nd.

Until then, I hope you will enjoy your Father’s Day!


Michael de Bethencourt




Snub Training – E-mail test

June 8, 2009