Snub Training – Alessi Ankle Holster

Alessi ankle holster

Alessi ankle holster

My favorite daily carry ankle holster comes from Lou Alessi. The Alessi ankle holster is the most comfortable and secure ankle holster I have come across.  The backing on the holster is made of a 1/4-inch thick dense felt that draws off perspiration. The soft felt also shapes itself to your ankle to prevent the holster from shifting when physically active. The holster is adjustable via a 2-inch wide Velcro band the runs through a “D” ring and then folds back on itself for securing.  The holster features an open top design for a fast and natural draw stroke while the fit of the leather maintains both the shape of the handgun while and securing it in place. I have worn the Alessi daily for over eight years and it continues to look and performs phenomenally. Because it is an open top holster I am often asked about its ability to retain the gun under rigorous situations. In answer I would say that I have had several occasions to attend the ground fighting and extreme close quarter self-defense workshops of both Joe Maffei and of SouthNarc. Both of these master trainers run serious self-defense training programs and both programs; Joe’s Quick Draw Ground System and SouthNarc’s Extreme Close Quarter course are extremely physically demanding. Participating in both programs and with the Alessi ankle carrying either a RINGS blue gun or a BlackHawk replica snub, the dummy gun never came loose until I wanted it out. I can and do feel very confidant when carrying the ankle gun in this holster both on my own time and at work.

Sadly Mr. Alessi recently passed away following a long illness but his family and extended family will continue to produce his line of holsters. Alessi Gun Holsters can be reached at 2525 Walden Avenue, Cheektowaga, NY 14255, by telephone at 716-691-5615, or via e-mail at:


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