Snub Training – Access and Draw Stroke

The value of a practiced draw stroke can not be underestimated.  Jeff Cooper himself once noted that a “sights confirm draw stroke.” Safe and daily draw-stroke practice is the clearest indication that a shooter is serious about his self-defense skills.  For the legally armed citizen who most often has to react to an attacker’s assault a practiced and polished draw stroke can be the pivital survival skill.

Of the several varieties of draw strokes the one patterned after “SouthNarc’s” Extreme Close Quarter (ECQ) fighting methods offers the largest number of advantages.  Nationally known trainers Ralph Mroz and Ed Lovette have both praised the training value of SouthNarc’s material.

The safest way to start learning the draw stroke is without a cover garment and after it becomes a natural series of movements then you can apply the jacket.         Always remember that a smooth presentation is the foundation of a reliable draw.

The following is offered only as a sketch of the SouthNarc’s draw stroke. I enthusiastically encourage every serious shooter to seek out and take advantage of SouthNarc’s complete training program. He can be contacted via

1 – Start with your hands about chest high, palms slightly bladed in. 

2 – Retract both your hands straight back and/or rearward until they make contact with your chest and continue to retract your right hand until it is just to the rear of your pectoral muscles.  The elbow of your right hand should be drawn back until it has reaches the maximum range of available travel. 

3 – Drive your right hand straight down until it makes contact with the stocks of the snub. 

4 – Seize the stocks as high on the back strap as is practical and unsnap any retention straps. 

5 – Draw the snub as straight up and as high on your chest as your hand’s range of motion will permit.  Your elbow should also be as high and rearward as mechanically possible.  The muzzle will be naturally angled slightly down and pointing low toward the sternum of your attacker as if he were standing nose-to-nose with you. 

6 – Bring both your hands together while keeping the muzzle pointed toward the target and extend both arms until the elbows are locked out.

To re-holster, reverse these six steps.  Retract the snub until your two hands make contact with your upper chest.  Separate your hands while continuing to retract the elbow on the gun arm side.  When you can no longer retract the elbow angle the muzzle down and lower the snub straight down and back into the holster.  Once reinserted, re-snap any safety straps. The subtle advantages of this draw stroke will make themselves evident the more often the draw is practiced.

Again, the forgoing is offered only as a sketch of the SouthNarc’s draw stroke. The number of subtle and gross advantages available with this draw stroke is beyond the scope of this posting. I again enthusiastically encourage every serious shooter to seek out and take advantage of SouthNarc’s complete Extreme Close Quarter training program. The material is a natural fit for the short barreled handgun. He can be contacted via


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