Snub Training – Saf-T-Trainer Rounds

Precision Gun Specialties Saf-T-Trainers

Precision Gun Specialties Saf-T-Trainers

Precision Gun Specialties’ Saf-T-Trainer rounds are inert training rounds are made of a solid durable synthetic plastic and are available in a choice of either day glow safety orange or bright mustard yellow.  While slightly less resistant to rim chipping than the brass cased S.T. Action Pro’s Action Trainer Dummy Rounds (see tomorrow) the Saf-T-Trainer rounds fulfill a specialized revolver training niche that few if any other inert training rounds can do as well. While dry fire drills are often conducted with an empty revolver some method  to provide constant visible confirmation of the revolver’s not loaded statues would only enhance the safety level of dry-fire training the use of Saf-T-Trainer rounds are one such method.

When a snub is filled with Saf-T-Trainer rounds the bright plastic orange or yellow rims of the rounds can be clearly seen peeking out from under the revolver’s recoil shield. This color feature is a substantial safety advantage over other inert raining rounds manufactured with a darker material that can easily be mistaken for a discolored live round. Saf-T-Trainers’ bright orange and yellow rims provide constant visible confirmation that the round in the charge hole is in fact inert.  Additionally there are some shooters who like the cushioning effect that some inert training rounds offer when dry firing especially these inert training rounds that featuring internal springs. Unfortunately, my experience is that many spring fitted inert training rounds are incapable of sustaining extended and aggressive use. Saf-T-Trainer rounds not only do a fine job of cushioning the firing pin nose on an older revolver but they perform the task at a  fraction of the cost of most springs fitted inert training rounds.


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