Snub Training – Murabito Revolver Safety

Murabito Revolver Safety - On

Murabito Revolver Safety - On

Murabito Revolver Safety - Off

Murabito Revolver Safety - Off

As I noted in the last post I have used a safety on a duty revolver. I did this so that I might take advantage of a faster access holster without the accompanying disarming danger. And I note that the fellow I sold the gun to was looking for an additional level of security because there was a child in his home. In particular I think a revolver safety would be a great comfort for the correction guard who was restricted to a wheel gun. The folks he would be supervising or transporting would have months if not years to view and analyze his holster. If at some point one or more of these folks believed he knew the holster’s releases well enough to attempt a disarm, or if he actually succeeded in stripping the gun from the holster, a hidden safety catch might literally be a life saver. Yesterday I note the sadly discontinued Hammer Safety. Today let’s look at the very much available Murabito Revolver Safety.

The Murabito Revolver Safety was designed by Frank Murabito and converts the revolver’s cylinder release into the revolver safety.  It was, I am told, developed for shooters who like to carry a revolver but didn’t like the idea of a sidearm without a safety lever.   The Murabito safety is set by pushing the cylinder latch forward and up. Once set “on safe” the safety is swiped “off” in the style of a 1911 pistol as the shooter is taking a firing grip. The Murabio safety uses only factory parts for the conversion, and few shooters would notice the Murabito safety if it were not pointed out to them. The installation does not affect the action or functionality of the revolver and is available for Smith and Wesson J-, K-, L-, N-frame revolvers and some select Taurus revolvers. A conversion for the Ruger was at one time available and it is noted that it may be in the future for both Ruger and Colt revolvers. 

Currently only one gunsmith, Rick Deviod, owner and chief armorer of Tarnhelm Supply Co., of  Boscawen, NH is licensed to install the Murabio safety. The fee for the instillation is a very reasonable $150.00 plus shipping as of this writing. Rick can be contacted at 603-796-2551 or through his e-mail at


One Response to Snub Training – Murabito Revolver Safety

  1. David M. White says:

    Having carried a revolver and a badge for 22 years, all I can say is a saftey on a revolver is unneeded and if it can go on during a shooting incident then you die. Proper training should remove the need.

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