Snub Training – Internal Locks

Taurus Key and Lock

Taurus Key and Lock

There are currently several revolvers are now produced with internal locks. These include Ruger, Taurus and others. Some revolvers feature a built-in locking mechanism with the keyway located just above and behind the cylinder release on the left side of the frame. Once inserted the key can be rotates 90 degrees to either lock or unlock the weapon. In some revolver models featuring an exposed hammer, when you activate the lock a small metal tab will protrude from the frame adjacent to the hammer to indicate the status of the locking device. Currently some hammerless models have no such external indicator. There are two common questions posed regarding internal locks. First, are they a valuable feature and second, if not, what actual risks if any are associated with internal locks.


One Response to Snub Training – Internal Locks

  1. miller says:

    I lost the lock key to my taurus ultra-lite 38 special. Where can i buy another Key?

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