Snub Training – Oversized J-frame stocks

Dear Michael,

I am hoping you can provide me with a recommendation in stocks for my father. He has a new M&P 340 and finds he needs to use his middle finger on the trigger.

I have the large rubber Boot Grips from a 640-1 but these are not large enough. I recall from your class that you had some stock recommendations to improve this situation.

I noticed Sile stocks but these are not speedloader compatible. I suspect that if one needs a long and wide J-frame stock the speedloader compatible feature may need to be compromised.

Eagle Grip target grips may be the best option.

I would appreciate any recommendation you can provide.

Erich N.

Dear Eric:

I hope this note finds you well.

That is a great question … and a tough one.

The problem is that the J-frame Smith and Wesson revolver descended from the I-frame Smith and Wesson revolver and both were built for a woman’s hand.

What you might need is a revolver stock that will fit onto a J-frame, extend the butt, will cover in the back strap in order to extend the trigger reach to the length of a K-frame (built for a man’s hand), scalloped out one side of the stock to work with speedloaders and ideally not be made of a rubber like material that would compromise concealability.

Given all that I would recommend Hogue’s J-frame Round Butt Nylon Mono-Grips.

It does nearly everything you need. The only place I think it is a little “weak” is in being insufficiently scalloped for speed loaders. The scalloping is better than “adequate” but it is not what I would call great.

If you order one (about $25.00) be very sure to get the nylon one and not the rubber one. And watch out for the many wood J-frame stocks they offer. They are all well made but none of the J-frame wood stocks cover the back strap, and you will want that feature if you have large hands.

It you try one out let me know how it works out.

Thank you again for the great question.

I hope this information helps.


Michael de Bethencourt


One Response to Snub Training – Oversized J-frame stocks

  1. Steven says:

    I feel that everyone dismisses the original “skinny” S&W stocks too readily. Though the individuals hand size dictates what will work and what won’t, one handed pointing and shooting works very well for me when I do the following: take a firm grip high on the stock with the middle finger and thumb; the small finger curls somewhat on the bottom of the stock; insert your trigger finger past the first distal joint, and as you pull the trigger the pad of your index finger will touch (lightly) against the side of the frame. You will be at the point that Ed Mcgivern says where the hammer is just about to drop and any refinement of sight or feel should be made just before the shot breaks. The touching of the side of the frame by the pad of the index finger does not disturb the gun but lets you feel it better, that is, where the gun is kinestically (feel). I should mention the I am talking of aiming with the one arm fully extended. Two handed shooting is another matter for another time.
    Just my two cents.

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