Snub Training – The Holster Dilemma

Before trying to pick a holster lets consider what a holster has to do. It has to:

1 – Hold the handgun securely until you reach for it

2 – Give you the handgun when you draw it

3 – Take the handgun back when you re-holster it

4 – Resist the drawing efforts of anyone but the wearer

5 – Work with an appropriate cover garment to optimize concealment

That is a tall order for any single piece of gear and the perverse part is that whatever bullet point you decide to short cut is going to be the element that will probably get you injured.  Fortunately there are a few holsters that seem to do all these tasks well.  Let’s start by looking at a few of the belt line holsters that do.


One Response to Snub Training – The Holster Dilemma

  1. Harvey Collins says:

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