Snub Training – Laser Max

Laser Max H-Model laser stock

Laser Max H-Model laser stock

Laser Max produces two models of J-frame sized laser stocks; the Laser Max H model and the Laser Max NH model.  The H-model will fit any J-frame revolver with an exposed hammer and the NH (No-Hammer) model will fit the hammerless J-frames such as the Centennial.  Each Laser Max laser emitter is fitted to the right side stock panel and positioned above the revolver’s cylinder putting it inline with the revolver’s bore axis.  This position reduces the parallax between the bore axis, the shooter’s line of sight and the laser’s beam.  Each Laser Max laser stock is fitted with a pair of on-off buttons set on either side of the stocks.  Both on-off buttons are set flush to prevent the laser from accidentally being switched on when the stocks are squeezed. This requires that the laser be deliberately turned on prior to any expected shooting application. This set up requires the shooter to switch on the laser an anticipation of possible self-defense situation. The Laser Max laser beam can be set to either pulse or run constant on. There is some indication that a pulsating beam is faster on target though once on target the pulsing tends to be a little bit annoying. The overwhelming majority of the student-shooters I work with prefer the laser’s beam set to constant on. The laser’s elevation and windage can be adjusted via a thin Allen wrench that is supplied. Adjustments to the laser and can be made by inserted the Allen wrench in one of the two ports on top of the laser emitter housing.


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