Snub Training – Crimson Trace

Crimson Trace offers the widest selection of laser stocks for snub revolvers.  Their laser stocks are built of polymer, rubber or a combination of both while their laser emitter is positioned under the revolver’s cylinder on the right side stock panel.  The activation switch is located under the revolver’s trigger guard generally midway up the stock’s front strap.  The switch can be activated with a firm grip or turned off with a slight reduction of grip pressure and activation under stress is reflexive.  The laser’s elevation and windage is adjusted via a thin allen wrench supplied with the stocks.  Because the laser emitter is positioned under the cylinder keeping the trigger finger on the revolver’s frame will block the laser’s beam and be used as a positive finger-off trigger reinforcement tool.  With the laser positioned about an inch to the right and below the snub’s bore axis some shooters wonder about barrel-sight line-laser parallax. If the shooter matches the laser with the iron sights’ point of impact at a reasonable distance of twenty feet, the shooter can then fire at targets from point blank to forty feet with a theoretical shot spread of two-inches.  Acknowledging the nature and speed of the typical violence assault a two-inch spread within a zero-to-forty foot range seems like a very reasonable range.

There are several commonly encountered Crimson Trace J-frame laser stocks. 

Crimson Trace LG-205 Laser Stocks

Crimson Trace LG-205 Laser Stocks

The LG-205 had a hard polymer checkered shell and the smallest profile and featured the smallest on-off switch. Though it was discontinued in early 2006 is was my first choice for a deep concealment and remains my favorite on my back-up snubs. 

Crimson Trace LG-305 Laser Stocks

Crimson Trace LG-305 Laser Stocks

The LG-305 is an overmold style stock with rubber covering both the backstrap and the butt of the frame.  It also features a master on-off switch distinct from the activation button.  The laser can be turned off of long term storage, transportation or for iron sight only training drills.  It is the most comfortable of the various laser stocks and fine house gun for the average sized adult male hand.

Crimson Trace LG-405 Laser Stocks

Crimson Trace LG-405 Laser Stocks

The LG-405 is a cross between the LG-205 and the LG-305. It is nearly as small as the LG-205 with the butt exposed but with a small strip of rubber covering the top half of the backstrap. Called an air pocket by the manufacturer, its function is to reduce recoil into the web of the shooter’s hand. The sides of the stocks retain the LG-205’s polymer styling to reduce possible snagging in deep concealment locations.

Crimson Trace LG-105 Laser Stocks

Crimson Trace LG-105 Laser Stocks

The LG-105 is the newest Crimson Trace laser stock. The LG-105 is another boot grip style stock though wider than either of their original LG-205 or the air pocket featured LG-405. Like the original LG-205 it reintroduces both a hard polymer shell and checkered sides. Its features a larger activation button though with a less fist-filling concavity in front of the front strap.


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