Snub Training – Boot Grips

Craig Spegel's J-frame Boot Grip

Craig Spegel's J-frame Boot Grip

The best of the breed is the unmatched Craig Spegel “Boot Grip.” The Boot Grip is designed to fill in the space between the frame’s front strap and the rear of the trigger guard while covering neither the backstrap nor the butt. Spegel’s Boot Grip offers enough material to optimize a shooter’s grip without any adding any excessive material that would compromise concealability. Of special note, the Boot Grip stocks had the first and for decades the sole example of a properly relieved or “scalloped out” area behind the cylinder-release. This scalloped out area accommodate every major and minor brand of speedloader for optimum reloading access and speed. The Boot Grip remains the bench mark in design for other stock makers and is the single best task specific snub stock for the serious snub owner. They are currently availably for round butt Smith and Wesson J-frames and both round and square-butt K-frame and N-frame revolvers. Craig Spegel can be reached through P.O. Box 387, Nehalem, Oregon 97131 or by telephone at 503-368-5653.


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