Snub Training – Hammer Shrouds

As some of you have noticed from the web site, Waller and Son have transferred to us all of their remaining revolver hammer shrouds. will be offering them as a courtesy to both Waller and Son and any interested snub shooter.

These hammer shrouds come in both black and chrome finishes and are available for Colt Detective Specials, Smith and Wesson J-frames, Ruger SP 101s, and some Taurus and Rossi revolvers.

Hammer shrouds do require drilling and tapping by a gunsmith with one hole drilled on each side of the frame near the rear sight and a third hole tapped high on the back-strap.
When installed hammer shrouds create a slight “bump” high on the back-strap. Some folks argue against attaching a hammer shroud because they believe that the “bump” will be driven into the web of the shooting hand upon firing.  This may be true for some shooters but I have never felt nor have any of the students and friends who have shot with them in my classes.
In support of the hammer shroud I would say I have them on all my self-defense and training/teaching Colts except one. That lone Colt remains shroud-free in to order demo a few class holsters that requires a hammer spur to keep the gun in place.
Bobbing the hammer is less expensive than attaching a hammer shroud but I think the shrouds solve many more problems than bobbing the hammer will. Of course both options have their fans and detractors.
The remaining hammer shrouds are available for $35.00 each and checks should be made out to Rick Mastin.

To order a hammer shroud please mail either a 3″ x 5″ or 5″ x 8″ padded envelope and affix $1.51 in stamps for the return postage.

Be sure to print your return address and note whether you are requesting a blue-black or chromed color hammer shroud, and whether it is for either a S&W J-frame or a Colt Detective Special

The mailing address is:, Attn: Hammer Shrouds,
8 Kingsbury Lane, North Billerica, MA 01862
If you have any questions or would like to talk about hammer shrouds pros and cons, please feel free to e-mail me at
Michael de Bethencourt


29 Responses to Snub Training – Hammer Shrouds

  1. frank turo says:

    i would like to know if you have a colt det spl hammer
    shroud in nickle

    216.695.4190 cell# near cleveland, ohio
    retired cleveland leo

    • Michael deBethencourt says:

      Dear Frank:

      I hope this note finds you well.

      Yes we have shrouds for the Colt in satin.

      We also have a few 4-40 stainless screws for the satin shrouds still available.

      The cost is $40.00 per shroud and any checks should be made out to Rick Mastin Please also send a 5″ x 8″ padded envelope with $1.50 return postage on it. If you order a shroud please remember to enclose a note identifying your snub’s make and model, and if you are ordering a chromed or a blue-black shroud. If you have any trouble just give me a call. I hope this info helps. Yours,

  2. Dave says:

    Do you have a blue-black hammer shroud for a Colt Detective Special, Third edition (manufactured in 1973), 2″ barrel and shrouded ejector rod? Can they be easily installed by user, or is a gunsmith required for installation?

    Livonia, MI

    • snubtraining says:

      Dear Dave:

      Yes we do few a few blue-black shrouds for the Colt revolvers.

      I am working with the mold maker and the shrouds’ owner (I don’t own them, I just make them available for other snub shooters) to run a new set of shroud in a new, good looking gun-blue finish.

      I have been suggesting that the Colt snub owners (if the can) hold off on the blue Colt shrouds until the new ones are ready.

      If your shroud project is time sensitive you can certainly buy a flat black one currently.

      They are available for $40.00 and any check should be made out to “Rick Mastin”

      I hope that info helps.

      If I missed anything, or if you have a follow up questions please feel free to give me a call.

      Thank you again for your interest in the shrouds,


      Michael de Bethencourt 8 Kingsbury Lane North Billerica, MA 01862 978-667-5591

  3. mike says:

    Do you have any of the blue-black shrouds for a ’54 Cobra? I am curious about the screw size. I have an original ’52 Cobra with an original shroud and the fillister head screw is 6-40x.187 w/a .187 thread length. Do you have any of these screws as spares?
    I would like to order 2 of your shrouds if they are still available.
    Mike in San Diego

    • Dear Mike:

      I hope this note finds you well.

      I do not currently have any black screws. I usually get them from Brownells by taking them from the pack for the 1911 bumper kits.

      I do and a large supply of 4-40 stainless steel screws and I would be happy you send you two sets for free if you thought they might be of value.

      I will be with me gunsmith in about a week. I will ask him if he has any 6-40 with a .187 thread length. If he does I will be happy to send them to you. Follow up with me next Thursday and I will let you know what I rounded up.

      I hope that helps.



  4. mike says:

    I have a fellow in LA. who has 6-40 x 1″ fillister heads for $.50 each. The heads need to be reduced to .165″to fit the shroud and need to be shortened to .250″ thread length. They can then be ‘tuned’ to the exact length after a first fitting. I called ‘Jack 1st Distributing’ and they don’t even show the 6-40 as the original screw size,but they are and the tap drill is #33 for the 6-40.
    Using a 1.0″ long screw makes it easier to grind down the head diameter without munching the threads by the screw head. Grind head / then cut length down.

    Do you have any shrouds that are the same finish as the original Colts?
    I haven’t found the mil-spec on the anodizing yet,
    but it will be a semi-gloss black hard anodize.

    I look forward to hearing from you again.

    • snubtraining says:

      Dear Mike:

      I hope this note finds you well.

      Did you geth the screws you wanted?

      If not I may be able to get my gun smith to make you up three for your shroud.

      I don’t remember if I already noted this to you but Karl Sokol at Chestnut Mountain Sports in VT (The fellow who does all my shroud work) is not a fan of the 4-40 – He used a finer threaded 4-46 or 4-48 (I forget which) because he finds the finer thread offers a tighter hold on the guns frame with less “down-the-road” frame flex trouble than will be provided by the 4-40 screws.

      I hope this helps a little.

      Again, let me know if you solved your screw problem and if not I will see about getting you a set.



  5. Paul Grant says:

    I have just found your web site while searching for revolver hammer shrouds. Do you have any hammer shrouds available for a Taurus Mod 85 or a Mod 605? I would prefer satin, but I will definitely consider blued ones if that is all that’s available.
    Thank You,
    Paul in Elko, NV

  6. David says:

    Do you still have any of the black shrouds that fit a Colt Cobra?

  7. Paul Grant says:


    The last time that I checked, no hammer shrouds were available for the small frame Taurus. However, has enough demand been generted that a production run might be done?

    Thank You,

  8. G.T. Ward says:

    Do you have any hammer shrouds that would fit a Colt Agent? Black would be great but I can blacken one if need be.
    G.T. Ward
    Gunsmiths Inc.

  9. Chris Griffith says:

    Mr. Bethencourt,

    Do you still have any blue-black shrouds left for a Colt D-frame (Agent)?


  10. Dear Chris:

    I hope this note finds you well.

    Michael de Bethencourt here from

    The “new” glossy black shrouds are (finally) in.

    As many of you know we had no luck getting the mold maker to run a new batch of shrouds.

    So we are trying an alternative solution.

    A plating company in Lowell, MA was able to refinish fifty of the originally satin finished Waller and Son Colt-sized hammer shrouds.

    The new finish is glossy black and I am assured by the plating company that it is bonded to the shrouds and will not wear off.

    For what that’s worth.

    The cost is $42.00 per shroud and checks should be made out to NTS. Please send along a 5″ x 8″ padded envelope with $1.50 return postage on it.

    Will be accepting orders starting on January 1, 2012

    Be sure to enclose a note identifying your snub’s make and model, and if you are ordering a chromed or a blue-black shroud.

    As always here is the usual shroud attachment advice – Almost any (very) skilled gunsmith should be able to do it but I recommend only one gun smith: Karl Sokol at Chestnut Mountain Sports in West Rutland, VT.

    Two buyer beware items

    First, at the risk of sounding like a car salesman when these fifty have been sold off I don’t think we will be able to get anymore cast shrouds again.

    Second, we are looking to get a mold maker to make new ones in polymer.

    The great news is if we pull it off the new shrouds will be impervious to stress fractures. The down side is of course that they will be “plastic.”

    Just something to consider before buying one of these shrouds

    I hope that info helps a little.

    If you have any questions please feel to e-mail me or give me a call.

    Thank you again for your interest in the hammer shrouds


    Michael de Bethencourt

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  12. Derek Slonaker says:

    Do you have any hammer shrouds left for the third model (1972) vintage Colt Detective Special in polished blue?

  13. Dear Derek:

    I hope this note finds you well.

    I do still have hammer shrouds for your Colt.

    Please e-mail me at and I can get all the information you require over to you.

    Thank you again for your interest in the hammer shrouds.


    Michael de Bethencourt

  14. Mark says:

    Do you have any flat black or parkerized shrouds available for a Colt Detective Special third series?


  15. Peter says:

    Please email me about the shrouds still available. I would be interested in blue for a colt and a j frame.

  16. Keith Sacane says:

    I have an 80’s model Colt Agent with the parkerized finish that could use a shroud. Would the steel used in the blued shrouds take a parkerized finish, and would the aluminum frame handle the drilling and tapping necessary?


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  18. Don Smith says:

    Will the blue shroud holes match the factory drilled holes on the colt agent?. Thanks Don

  19. snubtraining says:

    Dear Don: Yes but have your gunsmith check the thread sizes. I have some shooters reporting that Colt did their tapping using 4-40 and other using 4-48. I have not found that to be true but better to check than to risk cross-threading the holes. Yours, Michael

  20. Kadry says:

    Hi I was wondering if you had and blue/black hammer shrouds available for a 1950’s colt det special? Also need the screws. Thank you. K

  21. Don Raines says:

    I have a colt cobra made in 1957 that is drilled for a hammer shroud. Do you still have the black metal hammer shroud with screws available? If so please advise the cost and shipping instructions.

    • Derek Slonaker says:

      I’d like to purchase one. I’m an NRA certified handgun instructor. If they are available and not too expensive I’d like to purchase two. One for a Detective Special and one for a Cobra. Thanks.

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