Snub Training – Colt Agent

One of two Colt produced Detective Special styled snubs (the other being the Cobra) manufactured with an aluminum-alloy frame. The Agent was a medium sized or D-frame revolver. It was reportedly manufactured in both .22 and .38 caliber and was available in both two and three inch barrel lengths. Though generally not considered as robust as either Smith and Wesson’s five shot J-frames or six shot K-frames the Colt is still prized for both its size (a six-shot snub barely larger than the equivalent five-shot Smith) and its trigger action. The Colt Agent was distinct from the Colt Cobra (the other aluminum-alloy frame Colt) in that the Agent had an abbreviated grip frame length and weigh about 16 ounces compared to the Cobra’s 18 ounces when empty.


One Response to Snub Training – Colt Agent

  1. S B says:

    I am adept at working on the offset lug Colt D & I frames and the later less complex & delicate actions, such as the Trooper, Anaconda, Boa, etc. Lack of parts and GOOD parts is the main issue, and that compounds problems by making new gunsmiths ignorant to how Colt revolvers work, and how to make them work better. I even fixed up a S&W Model 73 that got loose and was never returned to Smith to be destroyed. Smith had a hard time with timing their C frame experimental model 73, despite making 5000 of them. They could not justify pouring more money into testing fixtures and more engineering to make a safe J frame that held a 6 shot cylinder, and had a Colt style lockup and action. The timing went out on them, frequently. Worse comes to worse, I have made hands from old files. Almost 10 years after this post died down, things have not improved. Colt filed Chapter 11 again in late 2016. They owe everybody money, and have no really marketable products. Why would I buy a Colt 1911 when 13,000 other gunmakers large & small from big corporate to 1 man artisans making 1911s from $400 cheapies to custom $1,000,000 showpiece 1911 handguns. Colt is another one of those companies that marched backwards into the 21st century, and fell flat on their ass. They could maybe come back by doing reissues of the old Police Positive linage. (D & I Frames)

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